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Superide II IFS



The Heidt's SUPERIDE II IFS System uses their famous Mustang II dropped spindle to allow for a front mount rack & pinion unit, to ease motor installation. It uses a geometry design very similar to the Mustang II, which works well on the classic trucks. The upper control arms use threaded adjusters for the wheel alignment. These threaded adjusters, unlike eccentric adjusters, will never "slip" and lose alignment no matter how big a bump you hit. 'Smooth" describes the ride: very low and highly steerable with no bumpsteer and built-in anti-dive. Installing the 1-piece crossmember is an easy one-step operation. Combined with detailed instructions your installation will be as smooth as your ride with your new SUPERIDE II from Heidt's Hot Rod Shop. Note: Product may be shipped in separate boxes.Main crossmember T.l.G. welded for maximum strength and great looks.Our exclusive one piece dropped Mustang II spindles. * Adjustable tubular arms.11" Disc brake vented rotorsAdjustable coil-over shocks with chrome springs.Front-mount rack & pinion steering.Stainless steel adjusters with urethane bushings.Factory ball joints and tie rod ends.GM Calipers standardSuperide - not Superride

SKU: BX-316


Part available from CMW Trucks - buy part here:: http://www.cmwtrucks.com/index.php/superide-ii-ifs.html

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