Antique Trucks For Sale

We have several antique trucks for sale on If you are ready to list your antique truck for sale: If you have a show truck, it is probably ready to photography and post to the site. If it is a work in progress: A clean truck is always best. Clean your antique truck up as well as possible. Make the paint shine on the old dog if it is possible before you list the truck. Empty the bed of any extra stuff laying in it. Clean out the cab of any junk or parts. If you have a truck that is mostly apart, lay out the parts and photograph those so people can see what they are buying. Sometimes finishing those few odds and ends to finish a project truck is a good idea. You might consider doing those things before you list the truck for sale because it may bring more money or help you sell it a bit faster.

Take several photos that are descriptive of your antique trucks for sale. Show the truck so buyers can see the kind of truck that you have. Be honest in your description. People do travel to see antique trucks if the truck looks worthwhile. Try to be accurate. You would not like it if you drove 120 miles to look at an antique truck only to find that it really wasn’t what the owner said it was.

Here are some things to avoid when selling your antique truck: Never take a personal check and assume that it is good. It’s really just a piece of paper. Until your bank says it is good it’s confetti. Remember, banks may make the funds available to you a few days after you have deposited the check. That may or may not mean the check has cleared and is good. Check with your bank to make sure the check has cleared before you give up possession of your truck. Also, certified or bank checks are easily forged with computer equipment. Most people are honest and trustworthy. Unfortunately, you don’t want to be the one that gets burned. Never take third party checks signed over to you. In the end, most people prefer cash or a bank-to-bank electronic transfer. Consult your bank to see if or how you can easily do this. If a deal seems fishy, it might be. Trust your instincts.