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Users of are generally looking to buy or want to sell a classic truck. Many trucks are in need of new parts when they are being sold. This becomes a great opportunity for aftermarket and restoration suppliers to advertise to a targeted classic truck market. If the person looking for the truck is new to vintage trucks, your company can make the first impression.

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Website Visitor Statistics

2015 Statistics (Stats Compiled From Google Analytics)

Sessions 417,700
Traffic  From Org. Search 69.1%
Page Views 1,776,169
Avg. Time on Site 2 min. 37 sec.
78.5% are new visitors


Ad Rates

Ad Sizes Cost/Mo. Number of Ads Available
Left Column Ad Sizes
160W x 120H $250/mo 5
160W x 90H $190/mo 5
Right Column Ad Sizes
300W x 250H $285/mo 3
Other: Call $ 0

Ad prices include one ad version on all CTC web pages that links to one website page.

Please ask us about custom advertising options. is a partnership between Platapult, Inc. and Eckinger Marketing.

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