A new tubular built dropped axle is perfect if you want to keep that original straight axle look under your F100, but want to lower the truck. It's a fairly easy install. It will take some time to disassemble your stock front end, but it's worth it. You can use stock king pins, spindles etc. with this. We do recommend that you also purchase a TIE ROD DROP KIT so that you have clearance on your steering parts. You'll also want to replace your stock tie rod with a new HEAVY DUTY TIE ROD AND TIE ROD ENDS. The stock parts are fine for a stock truck, but you will be imposing new stresses on the suspension. These are items that you really should install for safety's sake. Safe steering and brakes should be the highest priority for truck builders.


Manufacturer: CPP

Part available from CMW Trucks - buy part here::

Sellers Name:Chad Wissmar


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