1983 Dodge Rampage
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Location : Bishop, California


I'm selling a solid, rest free California high desert mini Pick up. Its a Dodge Rampage with a 2,2 liter Mitsubishi motor and a 5-speed manual transmission. It has A/C and Power Steering. It has a factory shell. It was owned by the local Dodge dealer. This buy comes with a rust-free but non-running Rampage parts truck. The truck was stored for 9 years after I bought it as I had a Duster, Roadrunner and Chrysler station wagon. Today, it runs, stops and drives. I recently took it out of storage and did some minor things to prepare for the California Smog Certificate to register it. I cleaned the gas tank, put in a new fuel pump, added a new fuel filter, PCV value, air intake and exhaust hoses, replaced cracked hoses and replaced gas cap. It failed....I was warned about my local Smog Shop but I did't listen as it runs fine and does't smoke. So....I.m selling it. I have clear California titles for both Trucks. I may need to seek an out-of-state buyer or someone who has a better smog shop in California. I have more pictures and can easily send some or answer questions by email or Message through Smart Phone. $1700 is reasonable for two vehicles....one running and a parts truck. Contact Howard via PM. Bishop, California [email protected]