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NADA - Classic Vehicle Pricing Updated as of April 10th 2010 Original MSRP: $3,503 Low Retail Average Retail Value High Retail Base Price $7,150 $11,600 $18,000 Options 350/250 HP V8 Engine 15% 15% 15% TOTAL PRICE $8,580 $13,920 $21,600 VIN - CE134Z118555 Year - 1971 Make - GMC Model - 1500 Vehicle Body - TPK Fuel Type - G Gross Weight - 5999 Vehicle Color - Currently White Odometer - Exempt Brand - Rebuilt - Total Loss. Transmission is an Automatic For Sale by Owner, is a Classic 1971 GMC Truck. This truck has had well over $10 grand put into it over the years, 3 grand by myself. Over 8 years ago while being started, the engine caught fire and was a total loss. It was rebuilt as a race truck and has been a wonderful truck for years. The truck was worked on by a previous owner before it fell into my hands 3 years ago. This truck has been taken care of and the care has been as a classic. RARELY, ever driven at all. This truck is a collectors item and should be passed on to an owner that can give it more love than I can. This truck was purchased right before the crash of the stock market, being a stock broker I was unable to continue it's restoration to a show truck and it sat in a storage garage for 3 years, only being taken out to be washed and started up. The engine is a 350 8 cylinder and roars like a lion. This truck has been in Reno Nevada for all of it's life and Las Vegas Nevada for the last 3 years. So there is little to no rust on the bottom of the truck at all, being in a desert and well taken care of. Only natural rust. Never been in the snow, and never left Nevada, the desert climate is ideal for such a classic truck. Known Issues: This truck does burn oil, not a huge problem as it is common with older trucks, but the engine does need to be taken apart and tightened to remove this issue. I keep a few bottles of oil in the truck at all times to keep it clean and taken care of. Oil is changed on a monthly basis for 3 years now. This truck runs rich, for obvious reasons, so it will not pass a smog test unless you adjust the timing and richness. It can be adjusted back right after it passes a smog test if you plan on racing it. The paint needs to be redone if you plan on this being a show truck, there are minor dents around the truck and paint is peeling off the hood. Just normal wear and tear from an older truck. I had plans to repaint the truck but never got the cash to do so, the next owner needs to have a love for classics. 9" speakers were installed in each door with a CDplayer/MP3 player deck. The deck was stolen out of the truck and has not been replaced. There is also a hookup in the glove box for MP3/IPOD player. The wood in the bed is the original wood and was painted white by the previous owner. This will need to be sanded down and refinished. The steering wheel sits to the right, meaning when you are driving you can't center the steering wheel and be driving straight, this can be fixed. The steering wheel and all the parts around, turn signal, etc were all replaced 2 years ago with brand new parts. Sometimes the rear turn signals go out, the wiring may need to be looked at, it hasn't happened for over 2 years since it was fixed. There is some cracking on the front tires, this may need to be replaced. I do not recommend driving this truck acrossed country, mainly because it is a classic and really shouldn't be, but also the front tires might not be able to handle it. I've had many mechanics tell me they are fine, but I don't like to be unsafe. This truck does have an AC installed as you can see under the hood. The belt has been taken off as the AC had some issues in the hot Las Vegas weather and was acting up. I had a mechanic look at it and he said it would be around $100 to fix. But it's a very nice AC system and keeps the cab extremely cool when working. The cab has all new upholstery and is extremely clean, no stains, nothing. There are also 2 headers that come out each side of the truck right behind the rear tires, very nice. As you can see the truck is lowered to reduce air resistance, the front tires are smaller than the back, built for racing, but never been raced. Very well taken care of. The side mirrors were replaced, so no elephant mirrors, sorry :-) I do have many of the original engines parts and tons of truck magazines I will be giving the new owner, as well as all the original books for rebuilding the truck, extremely rare and cost me over $200 bucks to purchase. Truck also has a spare tire that I keep in the garage. I have listed all the known issues because I am an honest seller. I know that if I were buying this truck I would like the seller to be completely honest with me. If I think of anything else that might need fixing I will list it here. Many of these issues are common issues with older trucks and really don't need to be listed, but I want you to know what you are buying. This is a beautiful truck, I love it almost as much as my wife. I am selling it because I believe I don't have the funds to take care of it the way it should be taken care of. I hope you are that owner ! This truck has been to many shows and always draws a crowd, something about trucks with powerful engines get the Men and Women goin, I promise you can't drive this down the street without people looking your way. As you can see my pricing is based off of it's value in the 89123 Las Vegas area, I am aware of it's value so please no low shots on best offers, I will hang up on you. I have had many offers in the 6-7grand area, but I'm looking to settle around 8. I prefer to be paid in cash, and will give you a few hundred off the price if done so. Thank you. I AM IN NO HURRY TO SELL. This truck can be found at the weekly Classic car/truck show on eastern and 215. It always has a crowd of picture takers and question askers. Please contact me with any questions regarding the vehicle and I will answer them with as much or as little knowledge as I have. If you are in the vegas area or visiting, come on down and We'll take it for a spin. It is not registered in any state, as it is not driven on the roads so we would have to keep it residential driving ;) Buyer needs to arrange transportation of the vehicle. Please contact me for my address details upon purchase.