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Location : Tucson, Arizona


NEW PARTS: Front brake drums, wheel cylinders, front brake spring kit, shoes, wheel bearings, races, wheel studs, gorilla lock lugs, mickey thompson bead locker wheel 15x8, 33x8 BFG all terrains, rear brake shoes, rear brake spring kit, rear drums turned, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, PCV valve, oil change, fuel filter, fuel pump, throw out bearing, serviced rear and front diff, transfer case, new interior seat foam, and seat covered, floor was finished painted ruberized under coating, dynamat, outdoor marine carpet. BAD THINGS: the heater and A/C control panel needs to be fixed, needs shocks all around, needs to be tinkered with to pass emissions, needs new brake hoses on the front, fuel gauge needs to be re wired, the radio needs to be wired, needs water pump alternator belts, it has three gas tanks two do not work because I removed the lines for the externals and was in the process of taking them out. The exhaust does not hang anywhere its all bolted up and it's in good enough condition to run it until it just plain falls off. The flowmasters are not installed I do have them and would be willing to give them to the buyer. A/C and Heater, I have not run the system at all because of the wiring and non functioning control unit. If I get the hoses made I can install it would be a 30 minute job really easy to get to and work with. The emergency brake is completely intact and functions I use it to park the truck in my dads yard. Title, data plate, frame and manufacturer tag all match the proper VIN numbers. The only gas tank in use is the cab tank and everything works minus the gas gauge it just needs a new wire ran to the dash. All the lights work, turn signals, running lights, brakes, headlights high and low, emergency flashers, windshield wipers all three speeds. The LA318 runs well no pings or knocks, I have not driven the vehicle more than 150 miles since I've owned it, the miles i did drive it were testing the brakes. She turns over every time without ether or starting fluid. The cooling system is tight no leaks hold coolant very well and runs below average at idle and road speed when i was testing the brakes and taking it through emissions, the radiator was replaced years ago but the truck sat for some 10 years so its next to new. I have to take the brake hoses off the truck and get new ones made that shouldn't cost more than 20-30 dollars from a local shop my dad gets hoses made at. The truck stops very well since the brakes have been completely rebuilt. I do have a new master cylinder that I will give to you if you'd like to have. The driver lines are all intact greased and looked over there are no vibrations and the transfer case and trans go into gear smooth with no grinding. The U-Joints were re-greased along with all the grease points for the steering linkage. The steering gear box is pretty tight I know they can have an inch or two of play but this one holds the road well you don't have to fight it at all. I also added a new steering stabilizer rancho 5000. The body on the truck is ver solid to include bedsides, rockers, fender, cab mounts, and tailgate, tailgate opens and closes well with a little grease it'll be even better and the tailgate is in good condition no serious dents but there are a few here and there. I waxed one side of the truck you can't tell from the pictures but the paint on the top of the cab came out really nice with a good shine. The dripping streaks you see on one side of the bed I am almost positive if I waxed the they would go away and the paint on the bed that I did wax had a little bit of shine to it.