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Location : Claypool, Arizona


This truck is all original. It sat in my parents yard for over two years without even cranking the engine up. My mother called me one day says "it's yours." We went checked it out tried jump starting it, she turned rite over first time. But we had filled the bowls in carb with good gas, and of course the tank had some pretty rough gas in it. so we bypassed the tank and put five gallon can in front seat, put my battery from my truck in it and turned it over and ran like a champ. we added good gas and couple additives to the old gas and let it mix together til the 5 gallons ran out about 55 miles later. then hooked to tank crossed fingers and finished the last 35 miles without even a hesitation. I have to say they just dont make them like these old trucks. The deal was my mom gave me the truck to sell and get on our feet. I would actually like to keep the truck myself but we have like 7 vehicles too many we need to get running and sold also. This truck also comes with about a half a truck bed full of extra parts for the engine and i believe interior. i have to go get these soon also. So just give me a call, or an email and i would be glad to either meet or give more information on the truck it is kind of a copper color with white bottom. has a couple little dings nothing major. was used for hauling ladders and electrical supplies to work for a while. Has a ladder rack and 3 tool boxes with keys that line the bed of the truck if you want them you can have them if not i can keep them they are pretty handy. oh and it is automatic transmission and 350 original motor which the odometer reads at 69956 now this i do not know how to tell if the meter has turned over one time already or if it is the original mileage. The price posted is negotiable and i could possibly take some kind of trade/money also. So dont hesitate to contact me. I might just be interested in what you have to offer.