1970 Dodge D200 Camper Special
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Location : San Antonio, Texas


My wife and I bought this truck basically from the original owner back in July this year. It has 88000+ on the odometer but it also may have rolled over a time or two. The engine is a 318 with an edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor as well as K&N air filter with Electronic Ignition from '72 year and newer. Truck Runs and Drives GREAT! Basic Specs: Has a small oil leak out the rear seal. Has a heavy Duty Rear Axle. Power Brakes which are in great shape! A727 Automatic Transmission which is solid as a rock. A/C System (All the parts are there but is bone dry) Manual Steering Paint is old and faded but body is Straight with only a small dent in the right rear behind the bumper and a few other small scratches that would fix up no prob with some body filler! WILLING TO TRADE FOR AN ECONOMICAL CAR OR MID-SIZE TRUCK! NO FORD OR DODGE CARS PLEASE! THANKS! There are a few small things like a missing cap for the radiator overflow tank... missing gear selector marker and arrow, and the old secondary tank is no longer there nor the fill port. I was about to weld a little plate there and smooth it over and prime it before my wife and I left on our move from Oregon to Texas but never got to it... hence the rust... I spent a little bit going through the wiring making sure everything was working properly which they were... all but the trailer brake module which is an old version and was corroded a bit inside. I cleaned it out and it seems to work but I havent been able to test it on an actual trailer. Trailer lights hookup does work though. Anyway, being the nitpicky person I about wires and things I spent a few days simply organizing the wires and replacing some connectors and wires that were frayed or corroded just for neatness and reliability sake. I changed all 12 quarts of transmission fluid including the torque converter and changed the filter. I also drained the rear differential fluid and replaced the gasket on there since it had a tiny leak. Oil and Filter were also changed about 2,000 + miles ago so it might be close to due date again. Replaced the spark plugs with some ordinary NGK's, Distributor Cap & Rotor, Air Filter (had an old paper one so threw a K&N on there for efficiency along with scrubbing the chrome covers and everything) Checked the stearing gear fluid (which actually had grease in it???) So I topped it off with some 80w-90 fluid as was recommended by the manual I was using. Fixed the horn. (Original one was broken) I had to replace it with one off a Dodge Durango from a Junk Yard which doesnt sound as cool as the old one but hey, gotta have a horn! As I was going through stuff I through a few things away which I wish I wouldnt have now seeming how the old parts are hard to come buy.... I threw away the old tank selector and selector valve, The old windshield sprayer bag(had a big hole in it), the old horn, and the stearing gear selector arrow which I actually lost. Speaking of the windshield sprayer bag I rigged up an electric tank to a switch inside. The tank has two motors on it and one I routed to the front of the radiator for cooling and the windshield so we could spray both whenever needed via the slider switch I wired up inside. The little sprayers I routed to the front of the radiator actually dont seem to be of any use. Not even when we had a vapor lock problem on the way long before we got to New Mexico on our way to Texas mind you. That is why you see the electric fuel pump in one of the pictures. I had to wire that in to fix the problem which Thank God it did for about $90 bucks after it was all said and done. Boy that was frustrating. Hmmm... The old paper roof stuff is kind of saggy as you can probably see. Also the original seat is torn on the driver side underneath the seat cover. The gas tank cap where the float goes in was missing an O-Ring. Needless to say it was a wonderful thing to discover when we first filled the tank up. Gas leaked all over the side of the tank and fumes filled the cab. Luckily I found an O-Ring that worked well enough and I added some Silicon Sealer on there for extra precaution. It's a bit sloppy but wouldn't take but a half hour to take apart and do a pro job. I'm one who hates doing slop emergency repairs but I didn't really have a choice at the time because we had a schedule to keep. You can also see the rusted out hole on the driver side and you can see that the passenger side floorboard is fine. You might notice the black Por15 Rust Sealing Paint that I sealed it all with after we welded in a plate and sanded it all down. The paint is really good stuff and was highly recommended by some guys at a local paint shop in Grants pass, OR. It turned out really nice though. Much more glossy than I expected too because of the HVLP spray gun that I used with the compressor I suppose. Anyway there is new black carpet installed on the floor as well. The interior is actually in really good shape and the dash has zero cracking. As you can see the bed is pretty straight. It's scratched of course and I'm not sure if the dip towards the back is factory. It appears very uniform so I figured it was. Once last note is the rear fenders in the bed look like the may have been smashed in a bit at one point because it appears someone banged them back out with a ball pinned hammer. Doesn't look horrible though and could easily be smoothed out with a little bit of body work. The tires also have a lot of tread left on them and should be very good for a few years to come at least! The brakes were also good when i checked them and I repacked the hub bearings with grease before we moved as well as greasing the U-Joints on the drive shaft. Please feel free to email me with more questions or more specific pictures! Thanks!