1970 Chevy Chevrolet
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Location : Houston, Texas


This 1970 fully restored classic Chevrolet C-10 is a 5 year old restoration performed by Houston’s master mechanic and builder Ruben Mendez. The “build” mission was to achieve a custom (one-of-a-kind) everyday driver show-truck complete with new wiring harness. When the opportunity came for City Classic CARS to add such a vehicle to its inventory we did not hesitate. We value this custom 1970 C-10 at $22, 500-$24, 500 only because the restoration is five years of age (we have truck insured for $25, 000). We have purchased parts receipts and records on this truck total greater than $16, 000 not to mention the hours in labor or the original purchase price of truck not to mention the engine work and paint. This Restored Classic 1970 Chevrolet C- 10 Truck is an appreciating asset offering you equity listed at $16, 500. The Interior- We grade the interior of this 1970 fully restored classic Chevrolet C-10 as an A+ for it is well maintained seats and carpets. The color scheme is green and silver. The custom green and silver seats with silver custom Chevy emblem finished in a silver upon the green suede seats are a fine compliment to the color scheme of the truck. The Dakota digital dash and steering wheel package brings a customized modern feel to this truck not to mention the Dakota handheld remote which is able to roll down windows –pop the doors- start the engine. The sound system is an engineered sound which is smooth at low volumes and just as sweet when turned up to the maximum. The interior has a delicate blend of raw and rustic merged with the contemporary and custom. The new wiring harness is more than able to handle the trucks extensive technology package. The air conditioner in this 1970 fully restored classic Chevrolet C-10 Truck is ice cold. Watch the video to see the amazing custom lighting package in this truck by clicking here: http://www.cityclassiccars.tv/#!classic-showroom/c1csq The Engine- We grade the engine in this 1970 fully restored classic Chevrolet C-10 as a B+- The power in the engine is strong and the transmission which is a 700 4 with a small shift kit is very aggressive and spirited. The engine block is from a corvette which ramps out the power in a light weight package. The shift kit stretches out in the 1 and 2 while the 3 and 4 is quick and the overdrive is a slammer. The builder desired a kind of “stall” in the first few gears which means it is built for the higher RPMs- it sleeps then when pounded roars awake. This is an aggressive driver that responds best when the RPM’s are high. The engine shows some age cosmetically (but cleans very nicely). This engine only has 3, 000 miles mechanically and the engine well is painted. We have considered removing the engine and painting the block, yet we delayed so we can offer this car to you at below market value. I would encourage the buyer to have engine removed, block painted Chevy orange with hints of chrome and placed back into engine compartment and the trucks value will jump to about $26, 500 in our opinion. For an additional, $2, 500 we will remove and color accent the engine block on this truck for the customer. The Body- We grade the finish on this Restored Classic 1970 Chevrolet C- 10 Truck an A in style, accessories and potential. The truck has a custom alarm system to match its custom silver and green paint scheme with an aggressive racing stripe along the side. The truck features custom lighting on the interior and the exterior of the truck. The trucks features Zenon head lamps, custom brake lights and fog lights. The truck has a replaced fuel tank in the rear of the truck bed as well as a spray in bed liner. This is a custom truck. Staggering the front and rear tires with 22 inch Boss Rims will chance the stance to a more aggressive package and add value. We can present this Restored Classic 1970 Chevrolet C- 10 Truck with the Boss Rims- 22 inch staggered front and rear for an additional $2, 000 in less than 24 hours for a total truck cost of $18, 500 or you can take this Restored Classic 1970 Chevrolet C- 10 Truck home for $16, 500. To purchase this vehicle contact Sabrina Morales at [email protected] or call 713-715-8293. View the video online at www.cityclassiccars.tv