1967 Ford F-250
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Location : Keystone, Nebraska


This is the unbelievably rare DSO 1967 F-250 3/4 ton quad/crew/extended cab EXTRA long-bed truck in the original Frost Turquois color. VIN#F25YCA89168. (Wheel Radius is 149" not the American 115" or 131", and ratio of the rear axle installed is 3.73 - Dana 60 5,200lb.) Certified Horsepower of 172 at 4000 RPM. Transmission is 4-speed new process NP-435, and the engine is 352cid, v-8. Engine was rebuilt at some point but body, paint, interior, are in original not restored condition: good to very very good, very little rust or dent (interior "OK" with seat covers). The bucket seats in front and after-market cruise control have been awesome! I was told there were only 8 of these made, and made for the Canadian railroad to haul crew, and only about 3 on the road today. Truck turns heads - it sounds tough with the glass pack it has (aggressive tubular muffler) and people say "I never knew those even existed" or "Do you know what you have?". Father of four will sacrifice owning this gem for practical considerations...this is your lucky day! :) Guy I bought this truck from said he had an offer of $30,000 but hung up on him - thought it was a prank. I drive this almost every day and it went from Wyoming to Montana and back this summer too. Will accept bids by email starting at $4,000 immediately. Will accept best offer over $4,000.00.