Location : Fort Walton Beach, Florida


I have a 1962 Chevrolet long wheel bed step side up for grabs. The truck is all original (paint, motor, transmission). The only conversion I made was from a generator to alternator (charging light still indicates). The truck needs new ball joints, tie rods. I have all parts needed to do this; which is new in the original packaging. The wood in the bed was rotted out so I removed it. I have untreated premium pre-cut, pre-drilled replacement wood (hard white pine,o.e.m. replacement). I have stain and sealer that can go with it if you like the color (golden pecan). All the hardware and metal strips to install the bed have been primed and painted with rust protector. Some of the cross sills that hold the bed up were rusted so I also have brand new stainless steel replacements. The major problem with the truck is that it requires a new wrist pin on the #3 or #4 piston (holds the piston to the connecting rod). The engine is not seized and short of that was a daily driver. It will have to be towed (sorry cant help you there its my only truck) Parts are easy to find and the truck is super easy to work on. I just don't have the time to put her back together again. Clear FL title.