1959 Ford F350
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Location : Brewster, New York


1959 Historic Ford Pickup For Sale Given all the success that Ford has recently enjoyed in the truck market, it may be surprising to know that they were the last of the "Big Three" auto makers to come out with a light duty 4-wheel drive pickup. (Dodge Power Wagon was out in the mid 40's and GMC had a 4x4 in the early 50's). This 1959 F-350 4x4 is one of only 800 that Ford built that first year. (It's also the first year that Ford called them F-150, F-250, F-350, before that it was F-1, F-2, F-3). Most came set up for commercial use i.e: tow truck, ice cream truck, and approximately 300 F-350's in 4 wheel drive came with "style side" bed as on this vehicle. The chassis, body and engine of this truck were built in Ford's Dearborn, Michigan plant, but the 4-wheel drive components came from a company in Indiana, named Marmon-Herrington, that made 4-wheel drive military vehicles. The engine (292) and drive train are all original, and the truck has been restored to original colors and condition all the way down to the correct "ND" (non directional) tires that came stock. John (845) 629-1275