Location : Auburn, Washington


My pictures where too big for posting so go to... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-Chevrolet-Other-Pickups/283066863623 Its been in the family since 1977 I think. It had 44,000 miles on it about when we got it. It wasn't ever a daily driver. It took us hunting and camping. It hauled stuff for the house and yard. It hauled a load to the transfer station every other month the last 10 years or so. The motor has Not been rebuilt and could use a new head gasket and if you let the vehicle sit for a month or longer you will have some smoke come out of the exhaust There is a noise at high revs you hear in the video. I think it is the water pump bearings but may be something else. The hit to the back fender tweaked the back tailgate a little too. about 30 years ago I took off the bed and gave some care to the frame and metal parts. The bed does not have its original 1x6 pieces with teh metal pieces in-between. It is just a sheet of plywood now. It has 3 of the original hub caps and the original wheels but they are pretty rusted. (They are in the bed in the picture.)