1953 Ford f100
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Location : Kenilworth, New Jersey


She aint perfect but i love her just the same! but i have to let her go... she has a 350/350 combo and a dana rear... she runs great temp never gets over 190 and thats screemin on the highway the interior is original stile(its been redone) it has the original suspension..runs like a champ did i say that? the bed is beautiful nice wood. bright red shes a looker definetly an eye catcher if ur into that kinda thing. now for the bad. the driver side fender is a lil rough it has been repaird since the resto and it wasnt buffed you can also see the body work not really bad but its not perfect.. the hood as a small hole in it were the when the fan broke it came up and hit the hood.. the windshield has a small crack in and the driver side window is busted (damn kids)