1950 Ford Panel
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Location : San Diego, California


Originally an ambulance in the 50's, then a paddywagon in the 60's. All for the City of San Gabriel (Los Angeles), which have supplied documentation of its use. The PD told me that they never had need to use it except to transport troops to the Watts Riots in '64. You can see from the photo that it was stretched about 3' to get the second set of doors as an ambulance, and the guts are still there. Engine and running gear is all original. Flathead V-8 could use a rebuild, burns oil but runs and starts easily. I bought it for my construction business, and used it daily for about a year. It has been parked for a couple of years due to economy, but just changed fluids and battery and it still runs well. It has never been restored, so there are obvious rust areas, but the plus is that it has never been modified. Even has the siren!