Location : Oregon City, Oregon


This truck has 3 windows in the back and a split front window, all the parts are there and has matching number original 6cyl Dose not run and only has surface rust an floor panels are good. No dents, at least nothing big. I am owed $2500 from the person who owns it and he will give it to me for the debt. So if someone wants to offer me $2500 for it, I will get it and sell it. All I need is a real offer of no less than $2500 and I will go get the title and have the truck towed to my place. I just do not know what it is worth so I have not agreed to take the truck till I have a buyer or a real value of the truck from someone who knows what it may be worth. I will have pics in a day or two. I know it looks much nicer than the one that was sold on this site recently