1953 Chevy Chevrolet 3600
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Location : Lecompte, Louisiana


I Chose Original-Needs Restored because I have replaced some parts on it. Has the Original 216 motor and three on the tree with the 6 volt system. As close to original as I could keep it. Cab was in great great shape and only surface rust in spots. It was originally a flat bed and came with a GMC bed on it when I bought it. I removed the bed and made a new wooden bed with a new tailgate, front panel, stake sides and splash guards over the running boards. The rear fenders are off the old bed ( worked over and painted) and all new metal painted as close as possible to match the original color. A list of items replaced as on the body as follows after I bought it; New Door gaskets, Heater Core and heater valve rebuilt, Front and rear bumpers (chrome) Headliner and door liners, Wiper blades, Fuel sending unit, Glove box liner and lock, Ignition switch, new rubber floor mat and insulation, new window visors, rear view mirror, stainless and aluminum front window visor, speedometer cable, New 6 Volt Battery and cable. Items replaced on the drive train and engine; New Radiator and hoses, New water pump and belt. Added an Electric fuel pump with a new pump on the engine still in place, Rebuilt Carb, Valve cover and side cover gaskets( the inside of this motor was spotless clean when I replaced them and was well taken care of, no sludge in the top end) Have the oil pan gasket set but have not replaced it( to lazy). New Harmonic balancer seal, 4 New Rims and BF Goodrich Radial Tires, Changed out the rear Chunk to 410 setup( still have the 457 Chunk) Low beam headlights not working, think the HL switch need replacing. Drives great and has not left me stranded anywhere. Clear Title, Sorry if I forgot anything, Brakes were worked over before I bought it. Currently has vinyl graphics on the door and side of bed but I think they can be removed safely.

Sellers Name:Michael Armand


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