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Location : Winston salem, North Carolina


16" wheel rim for 1947-1965 Chevy and GMC trucks bargain for $35. (It cost me $25 to have it sandblasted and primered .I have a rare tire flap in good condition which is part of a multi-piece rim and wheel assembly. It was inside a 1950 GMC truck I bought 15-20 years ago. $10 Two air cleaners, One is 1954, I believe. If you know the year(s) of the other one (black) please email me. $25 I have a cooling fan for Advance design trucks, it was in a 1950 GMC I purchased, 20 years ago $10 also have inner headlight retainer rim, 7" diameter, $5 for advanced design trucks 1947-1955 Jerry Whitfield Winston salem, N. Carolina my email; or 336-749-5922, if I don't answer leave msg anad I'll call you back

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