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TYPE:FR4 board Layer:1- 32 layers Thickness range0.2~3.2MM Materials:FR4 Color:white/yello/black/red/green/matt black/matt green Min.Hole Size0.2MM Suface finishing:Immersion gold/Hasl LF/OSP/immersion tin/immersion silver. Business Type:Manufacturers Packing Standard export packing: 1.Standard : bubble bag, 2.Standard:K=K carton Delivery time: 3~5 days after receipt deposit No.ItemTechnical data 1Layer Count1-32Layers 2HDI Type1+N+1, 2+N+2 3MaterialCEM3, FR-4, Halogen Free, Aluminum-based, Teflon,Rogers, Getek, Nelco, PTFE, Polyimide etc 4Board thickness0.2~5.0mm 5Board SizeMax.600*1000mm (24”x40”) Min.30x50mm 6Copper ThicknessOuter layer1oz~6oz Inner layerHoz~5oz 7Min. Line Width/Space4/4mil(0.1/0.1mm) 8Finished Hole sizeMechanical0.20~6.30mm Laser5mil, 6mil 9Blind/buried via(Mechanical)0.2mm (min) 10Aspect Ratio10:1 11Hole Dia.TolerancePTH±0.075mm(3mil) NPTH±0.05mm (2mil) 12Hole Position Tolerance±0.05mm (2mil) 13Bow & Twist≤0.75% 14Peel strength1.4N/mm 15Thermal stress288℃ & 20 Sec 16Test Voltage50-300V 17Soldermask colorGreen, Red, Blue, Black, White 18Silkscreen colorWhite, Black, Yellow 19Min. S/M Pitch4mil(0.1mm) 20Min. Solder Mask Clearance0.05mm 21Impedance Control Tolerance+/-10% 22Outline Tolerance±0.10mm (4mil) 23Surface FinishHASL, Lead free HASL, Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver, OSP, Flash Gold, Gold fingers, Plating Hard Gold, Carbonlnk, Peelable maskflexible printed circuit website:http://www.assembly-pcbs.com/pcb-material-1

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