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Itemshdpe pipe fittings materialPolyethylene colorblack connectionwelding pressurePN5,PN6,PN8,PN10,PN12.5,PN16,PN20,PN25 standardISO4427,AS/NZS4130 CertificationISO14001,OHSAS18001,ISO9001,CE,GOST Our Advantages (1) Good environmental suitability. (2) Excellent chemical resistance , long service life. (3) The inside pipe wall is extremely smooth and difficult to leave over dirt. (4) Connected by welding , leakage prohibit. 100% new material hdpe fittings pe100 sdr11 REHOME only uses聽100% new material for the hdpe pipe and fittings. That makes the pipes & fittings more strong, and bring a longer life period. Smooth inner wall Our technics makes the inner wall smooth, reduce the water resistance, also easy installation. So it is widely applied in the market. All kind and size of hdpe pipe fittings As the professional hdpe pipe and fittings supplier, REHOME provides all size and kinds of hdpe pipes and fittings for the customers.China HDPE Pipe Fittings website:http://www.kangyupipe.com/hdpe-pipe-fittings/

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