Product Description Powder metallurgy 31-teeth driven gear. 31 tooth driven gear is the assembly part, the main body is the powder metallurgy gear, and after the heat treatment, a GCr15 material rolling pin is installed.Our company can make changes to any customer's needs without changing the main powder metallurgy gear. Technical Parameter 1. Gear No.:31 2. Mould:1.25 3. Pressure angle:20° 4. Outside diameter:φ41.25-0.1 5. Root diameter:φ35.63-0.1 6. Cross teeth:4 7. Base tangent length:13.45-0.05 8. Weight:52.5g 9. Density:>7.0g/cm³ 10. Heat treatment hardness: ≥28HRC Process Flow 1.Mixing→2.Pressing→3.Sintering→machining→4Heat treatment→5.Polishing→6.Assembling→7.Oil pregnation→8.packaging. Material Control sheet Material Control sheet Material DeslgnationType of MaterialChemical Composition(%) FeCCuNiMoMnCrOthers HLC007Fe-C-Cu-Ni-MoBal.0.6-0.90.5-20.5-20.2-0.5//<2 FAQ 1. What the product certification does your factory have? A: We have CE and TS16949-2009. 2. Which type of the products that your company mainly produce? A: We main produce iron powder metallurgy products, which are mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, sewing machine, electric garden tools, etc. Auto parts are mainly used for engine distribution system, chassis steering system and automatic adjustment arm accessories. Among them, the automatic adjustment arm accessories are our main accessories, which occupy our sales amount more than 60%, and provide powder metallurgy accessories to 70% of the automatic adjustment arm manufacturers in China. 3. What about your company's regional or market influence? A: We are the largest manufacturer of powder metallurgy products in taizhou city. We provide accessories for 70% of China's automatic adjustment arm manufacturers, which are of great importance in the field of automatic adjustment arm. 4. How many automatic forming equipments in your press workshop? A: We totally have 45 sets automatic forming equipments from 15ton to 500 ton.More than 400,000 pieces can be produced in a single day. 5. Who is the supplier of raw materials you choose? A: Our raw material supplier is hoganas, the world's largest manufacturer of powder metallurgical materials, and the United States hoeganaes, the second largest powder metallurgical material manufacturer in the world. We also use a part of shandong lai-steel raw materials. 6. Do you have own machining workshop? A: Yes, we have 40 sets CNC lathes and 15 drilling and milling machines. We can meet all the machining operations of our company.Powder Metallurgy Gear Gear-box Or Non-standard Gear Or Involve Gear suppliers website:

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