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1. Description Hot press forming Machine is the further machine of the Paper Egg Tray Machine.Using this machine can let the products of the paper egg tray machine more flat and smooth.According to the different products change relevant hot-press mould.The hot-press mould mainly use the high temperature and pressure to make the products more standard of high quality. 2. Specification TypePlaten SizeEfficiencyPNPower Hydraulic Pressure600*480mm7-10pcs/min5-8t6KW 3. Main feature 1,used for hot pressing the pulp molded products, such as egg tray ,egg box,egg carton,industrial package. 2, temperature can be adjusted from 150-200 Celsius degree according to practice requirement. 3, there is counter device with the machine.easy to operate. 4, pressure from 5 Tons to 20 Tons, it will be made according to the customer requirement.Egg Tray Machine Parts price website:

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