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1938 Dodge Pickup Truck


1938 Dodge pickup truck, boxed frame, ford mustang front end, 69 440 mag mo...

Location: Auburn, Washington

1938 Chevy big truck


it has original motor, transmision, and instrumental,...only need to be pai...

Location: San rafael, mendoza, argentina, Alabama

1938 GMC winch truck


please save this truck it was going to the metal crusher yard and I didn't ...

Location: Queen creek, Arizona

1938 Dodge 3/4 ton pickup


This truck has an interesting history. It was shipped from the Dodge factor...

Location: Arroyo Grande, California

1938 Other 1/2 ton stepside


Classic 1938 Ih 1/2 ton pickup, All there an intact, Solid dry land car wit...

Location: Tricitys, Washington